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Dynamic Brain Healing Level 1

Lieu Hilton Garden Inn 2400, Alert RoadOttawa, K1V 1S1

Dynamic Brain Healing Level 1

This course helps the practitioner/participant gain efficient skills and insight into the practical application of fascia, lymphatic therapy to the treatment of concussion, Parkinson's', premature aging brain, anxiety, PTSD. Trauma, Headaches, Visual and Auditory sensitivity and more. 

The protocol enhances performance  and recovery after head injury. This course willexamine the contribution of fascia, myofascial restrictions, the cranial-sacral system, the lymphatic system, and the brain itself to head injury and balance.

We will focus on releasing and supporting these structures with movements,nutrition, and manually to alleviate the patients’ symptoms. 

The three-day intensive consists of practical hands-on activities, a nutrition program specifically designed to support the brain, and rehabilitation fascia re-education exercises, increasing the practitioner's listening and palpation skills.

Lectures on theory, neurotransmitters, anatomy, and contraindications will be given,focusing on how head injury affects the quality of life and performance. This course is a results-driven program.

The protocol will elevate and change your practice.

Become the expert in treating the 20 percent that does not recover from a concussion in 4 weeks.

ND candidate, BSC, Manual Therapist

995.00$ plus tax