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Upper Body Fascia Treatment and Training Level 1

Lieu Hilton Garden Inn 2400, Alert RoadOttawa, K1V 1S1

Upper Body Fascia Level 1

This course helps the practitioner/participant gain efficient skills and insight into the practical application of fascia to training, performance, and therapy.

You will learn a straightforward approach to fascial stretching, training, and therapy. You will learn how to engage the fascia and release the fascia for improved function, mobility, and flexibility. 

Proper ergonomics/body position,  is emphasized to save the practitioner's hands and body.

You will learn how to assess the fascia globally, and treat the entire system globally looking for lines of tension in the fascia that are the key to create lasting change in pain and the body. 

The course will teach how to utilize manual fascial release techniques to balance posture, improve performance, release fascial restrictions and create a fascia movement/exercise program.

This course demonstrates the contribution of fascia, myofascial restrictions, cranial-sacral system, lymphatic system, and the brain itself to movement and strength. 

The course focuses on how to release these structures with hands-on treatment or movement exercises to alleviate a patients/ client/athletes symptoms

The course consists of practical hands-on activities, fascia assessment, increasing the practitioner's listening skills and palpation skills. 

“No matter what you skill level this course is essential and exceptional” Physio Marc Peasant

ND candidate, BSC, Manual Therapist

995.00$ plus tax